76 GUESTHOSE MADO                              

有松 有松

宿泊はもちろん、お昼は「MADO Cafe」を営業してます。


◆カフェ 12:00~16:00
◆定休日: 火曜・水曜

ホームページ http://www.guesthousemado.com/

e-mail:mado@gmail.plala.or.jp     ●お店の場所はこちら

Guesthouse -Mado( lodging, cafe)

A lot of bag packers from world-wide love to stay in our guesthouse not only for a wonderful couple to stay overnight but guests to have an interchange with local people.
We open the guesthouse for cafe at lunch time , Please enjoy to have pasta dishes, soup lunch etc. with making yourself relaxing in a Japanese lattice window room.

Closed; every Tues .and Weds.
Open cafe ; 12am-4pm
Phone 050-7516-6632
Website; http://www.guesthousemado.com/
e-mail:mado@gmail.plala.or.jp     ●The location is here on the map attached.